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For any US citizen that also considers him or herself to be a gambler, the prospect of placing wagers on sports outside of casinos is often considered to be illegal. While there is no denying that online gambling exists in the United States in a sort of legal “grey area”, there is also no denying that online gambling is still a possibility for those who live in the US.

Sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, Bookmaker, and Topbet all exist in order to satisfy a US market that simply doesn’t offer many avenues for sports betting online. With all this in mind, it may still seem like a daunting prospect to place wagers on sports online, especially after knowing that sports betting online is not necessarily legal. Fear not, because even if the US government were to decide to crack down on sportsbooks like Bovada and Topbet, bettors like you and I need not fear any legal ramifications. If the US government were to, all of a sudden, crack down on online sportsbooks and make them illegal, those who sanction the operations of the sportsbooks would be facing legal trouble, not the individual players. Having said this, however, there is an incredibly slim chance that sportsbooks like Bovada will ever be made illegal overnight without any warning.

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Deposit Options

The most prevalent way in which bettors can add funds to their player bankroll on US-based sportsbooks is by way of a credit/debit card. If you have ever bought clothing online, the process of depositing at an online sportsbook is no more complicated. By simply supplying your credit card number, date of expiration, name, and some other information, you will have instantly supplied your player account with money. For those who are wary about the security of their credit information, you can rest assured knowing that the aforementioned bookmakers are of the highest quality and are not in the business of scamming their players.

If you are still apprehensive with regard to dishing out your credit information, there exists other, less personal, deposit methods. One of those is by way of the trusted financial institution known as Western Union. Western Union online deposits work exactly the same way as I described above, but instead of giving your credit information to a bookmaker whom you may or may not trust, you are giving it to a safe and secure financial institution that is known and respected the world over.

Withdrawal Options

In most every instance, withdrawing funds from US-based bookmakers is just as easy as depositing them. On most bookmakers you are able to withdraw funds via a check or a bank transfer. In most cases there is a fee attached to the withdrawal of funds, in addition, there is also usually a minimum amount of money you must have in your player account in order to actually execute a withdrawal.

Betting Markets Offered

Simply because the aforementioned bookmakers cater to an American audience does not mean that they only offer betting on American sports alone. In fact, US bookmakers like Bovada and BetOnline offer wagering on more sports markets than what you will find on many international bookmakers’ websites.

Anything as popular as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey can be wagered upon, but so too can more obscure sports such as European handball and soccer leagues. Of course, the variety and number of betting markets available vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, so it is imperative that you do a little bit of research before signing up and depositing at a given bookmaker’s site.

Live Betting

Most online sportsbooks that cater to the needs of US citizens also offer live betting on a wide variety of sporting events. Live betting allows the bettor to place wagers on a game while it is still going on. Odds and scores are updated as the game progresses in order to give you the most up to date information with which to place wagers.

The Verdict

There are countless Americans who are under the impression that online sports betting in the US is illegal. These same people tend to believe that the second you place a bet online, you will hear a knock on the door that is subsequently knocked down by incoming police officers. The reality, however, is that none of the above is true. While online gambling is not strictly legal in the United States, it is far from being illegal and the individuals who place wagers will never be the ones held legally responsible should the government wake up one day and decide to crack down on online bookmakers.

The number and variety of sporting events upon which you can wager is immense and is enough to satisfy even the pickiest of bettors. What’s more, depositing funds into your player account is simple, easy, and in most cases immediate. Though the same cannot be said about withdrawals, most online bookmakers do everything to ensure that you receive your money in a timely fashion. If you are a prospective bettor, do not let the illusion of illegality or lack of choice prevent you from capitalizing financially from your sports wagers.